EMA Radar™ for Workload Automation (WLA): Q2 2012


In today’s age of cloud and IT-as-a-Service, the importance of Workload Automation (WLA) as the evolution of job scheduling, and its sister discipline IT Process Automation (ITPA), has grown tremendously. As a new chapter opens in enterprise IT, where business-unaware technology silos no longer count as a valid excuse for SLA violations1, the ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES® (EMA™) team regards automation – WLA and ITPA – as the glue that keeps business processes tightly integrated. Operating systems, middleware, databases, applications, and business services are simply technical necessities that must be orchestrated to support and streamline these business processes in the most efficient manner.

While this EMA Radar™® Report is focused on WLA solutions, the integration of these individual software packages with ITPA constitutes an important evaluation criterion, as the separation of both disciplines –WLA and ITPA– is an artificial one. To truly automate entire business processes, WLA (Work Load Automation) and ITPA (run book automation) have to work together harmonically.