If this above fact doesn’t shock you, it should. Service interruptions can be devastating to businesses and their customers, putting IT professionals under tremendous pressure to ensure that operations do not suffer, regardless of the risk.
By | January 18, 2017
In today’s market there is a constant demand to deploy, maintain and grow the broad array of applications and services, which in turn create a continuous need of adding more servers in the organizations. The global data center server market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.73% over the period 2015-2019. So Server consolidation is gaining momentum in today’s world as it is the best way to optimize resources and the hardware an organization has..
By Bharati Suresh | August 14, 2016
Technology shift is an ever changing game and it’s happening with such a pace that very few can keep up with it. System Integration is crucial for all kind of business operations and it is difficult to ensure that all systems are up to date with all the latest and greatest technologies. These days Computer System failure is one of the worst torment to the CEOs of every company, which they don't even want to dream about. But the ugly truth is that system failures are becoming a big news as its spreading like a virus in the market.
By Bharati Suresh | June 23, 2016