Managed Cloud Services Trending in the Middle East

“Cloud services are gaining ground in all segments, but small and medium-sized businesses present a unique opportunity for Channel Partners to target”, says Arun Sridhar, Regional Service Delivery Manager, Managed Services & Outsourcing, Emitac Enterprise Solutions.

The overall Cloud market in the Middle East is set to develop from 1,073 million dollars in 2012 to 3,112 million dollars by 2018. The current business scenario and related challenges are driving organizations to embrace new technologies to increase their operations and improve productivity and customer experience.

Key Drivers

The two major factors contributing to organizations in the Middle East opting for Managed Services with Cloud are – inability in handling increasingly complex IT environment and high mounting costs. There are other factors too lending to organizations adopting cloud services:

  • Business agility
  • Financial evolution from Capex to Opex model resulting in reduced capital expenditure
  • Improved end-user productivity and collaboration
  • Improved reliability and continuity
  • Increased complexity of technology and skill availability/retention
  • Faster Go to Market with their products and services
  • Accessibility, Utilization, Performance
  • Pay-as-you-go availability

From NOC and data center management services to storage, backup, server, and disaster recovery, organizations are unburdening large pieces of the IT function, freeing up financial and human resources to focus on productivity and efficiency.

What’s stopping companies from going for managed cloud services

While the companies agree that managed cloud can offload their mundane IT operations, and allow them to focus better on innovation and growth, there are some concerns responsible for holding them back from making the move.

  • Lack of trust in data security and privacy by users, organizations, loss of governance, and uncertain provider’s compliance
  • Resistance from teams within organizations for fear of job losses and of losing control of their IT infrastructure
  • Scope and Understanding of Cloud
  • Misalignment and Conflict of Goals
  • Issues related to standardization in existing applications to leverage the true benefits of cloud
  • Organization’s / people’s ability to adopt the new cloud model which may not offer all functions that otherwise existed earlier
  • Because of high competition, many cloud providers overcommit computing resources
  • Lack of clarity on SLA or SLA may not match organization needs/demands

All of these causes can be diminished if partnered with an experienced cloud vendor who is committed to providing the best solutions keeping cloud at the core.

Final Verdict

The managed services market is seen to be budding meaningfully in the coming years by companies across various verticals, to accomplish better economies of scale. Leading the growth will be enterprise mobility and big data initiatives, all supported by increasingly complex hybrid networking infrastructures. Looking for a right partner to make your move to the cloud? Emitac Cloud Service lets you respond quickly, frees up capital, allows you to scale up or down to meet unknown demand, and reduce costs.