Does Your Company Really Need Managed Services?

You might have heard of managed services, but possibly you haven’t paid attention and looked more closely at what it can do for your business. Perhaps, you may have thought of hiring an expert or buying an application to manage your IT infrastructure and operations. Right? So, You’re not alone.

A recent survey found that around 50% of all businesses still follow the traditional methods.

As your business grows, you need to invest in the right technology & a good management team that will nurture your business. You need to understand how managed services are the next most important step in the smooth running of your infrastructure now and into the future.

Being an IT manager/CIO, do you want to liberate your team from complex and tedious tasks of handling issues occurring on a server, network, storage, etc. and focus on strategic business objectives?

If your answer to the above question is YES, then it is the right time for you to consider Managed Services. Managed Service Providers are no one but an extension to your IT team who takes care of all the infrastructure related monitoring, management, and troubleshooting activities round the clock, so your IT team can focus on strategic business initiatives. They can also help you and your business in many other ways by efficiently managing your IT elements like email, storage, network, backup & recovery, CRM, help desk, hardware, operations systems and so.

Let’s have a look at some the key reasons due to which many organizations are outsourcing their IT services to MSP and you should too:

State-of-the-art Technologies
A good Managed Services Provider leverages best-in-class technologies available in the market to deliver reliable services. Upgrade them with the latest updates at no additional cost, except a small sum for the license fee or so if needed.

Cost Savings
Outsourcing the services allow you to plan your IT budget better as you receive a bill based on the services provided by them, which means no fixed cost, you only have to pay for what you have used. You need not worry about hiring an expensive IT expert, spending an enormous amount of money on equipment, or the hosting aspect

Expert Control
By selecting a Managed Service Provider, you gain access to a specialized team available 24/7 to handle your operations because this is what they do every day for many organizations like yours. This gives you an opportunity to work and connect with so many experts in many ways, and they will always provide the best possible solutions to any problem.

Improved Operational Efficiency
As MSPs take care of everything from monitoring the infrastructure to troubleshooting an issue, tiny or critical, you and your team can completely focus on core business and innovation that will help your organization experience greater productivity, drive business value and generate more revenue.

Highly Secure and Available Infrastructure
MSPs follow all the industry regulations and compliance policies to avoid the chances of risk and malicious attack on systems. From keeping firewall updated to auditing workstations and servers frequently, everything is taken care of by them. They design your infrastructure in such a way that data is backed up in short intervals and mirrored at multiple locations (at least two), so none of your operations get hampered, and all the services are up and running all the time.

As you can see, outsourcing your IT services can improve many aspects of your business, but selecting a right Managed Service Provider for your organization depends on your business needs and budget

Last year we developed our cloud called INFINET, to drive down costs and reduce provisioning time. However, we found that our customers, keen to benefit from the flexibility and cost savings of IaaS, didn’t have the breadth of technical skills to exploit cloud services fully and needed a wider range of managed services to extract the most from this technology.

Government organizations, large conglomerates, and medium enterprises increasingly tell us that they need more time to focus on their core business rather than on managing IT to add value. While cloud is an important part of this; it isn’t something they can achieve by simply consuming IaaS because that still requires them to maintain a spectrum of ITSM and security skills in-house which are not very easy to source and retain

Industry leading and professionally managed data centers and IT infrastructure is a necessity, but just not sufficient, to deliver business critical IT services. Therefore, we’ve remodeled our offerings, shaped our business around our customers’ needs and created a Managed Cloud Services division, providing a full range of managed services. The value-add we provide our clients through these services is our differentiator which helps them in successfully migrating to and deriving benefit from their IT.

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