Cloud Services

Start the Journey into the Cloud with the Right Partner and Reimagine Your Business Potential. Business transformation takes that to the next level by modernizing your network infrastructure with Cloud services, the most sought after advancement in current era. We partner with globally recognized cloud solutions providers including AWS and Microsoft Azure to help businesses reimagine their IT’s development, delivery and operations to enhance your organization to operate beyond its current capabilities.

Modernize your enterprise’s existing and critical IT infrastructure enhance efficiency, reduces costs and management overheads while automating IT processes, reducing risks and accelerating efficiency of service and overall growth.

Lead innovation and speed up your organizational growth by taking advantage of our full scale of digital, analytics and enterprise cloud services. We take careful analysis of your business growth strategy and business objectives through the application of our technical and deep industry expertise. We design, execute and manage your cloud estate to deliver fast, attainable outcomes that go hand in hand with your transformation goals. With EMITAC's experts and partners, you can enhance your organization’s digital transformation and enable your company to stay ahead of the game.

Our Cloud Services

Cloud Application Services

Innovation is at the heart of our cloud application services. Reimagine your application portfolio and lead the industry as an innovator and disrupter. Let us support your application platforms with the latest in innovation and emerging technologies that will enhance your application’s speed, agility and enable your organization to quickly adapt to meet new business requirements

Cloud Transformation & Migration

At EMITAC, we design your cloud services for results through a customized journey that is based on our vast experience and industrial insight to convey capabilities and the needed value providing you with the speed to innovate, higher agility, and lower technology costs. The scale and flexibility enable a company to start small and complete its business migration. We also drive the outcome in our migration services as well as helping organizations enterprises transform in real time.

Cloud Management and Optimization

With extensive in depth experience in cloud transformation projects, EMITAC will help your organization manage, optimize and use cloud services effectively. This also includes successfully employing robust cloud platform services including AWS, Microsoft Azure. Users have visibility in the usage of data and monitoring services as it adapts and evolves over time. We will manage, operate and monitor your cloud as you focus on your business. Furthermore, we ensure scalable, reliable, optimized and a secure cloud so you can operate confidently reducing operating costs and minimizing risks.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

The full benefits of cloud are reaped when leveraging your organizations’ capabilities at scale. As a third party provider, we host the applications and ensure availability to customers through the internet. This, in turn, eliminates costs including hardware acquisition, installation, provisioning and reduces risks and maintenance issues. Organizations using cloud, therefore, benefits through scalable usage, automatic updates as well as accessibility. Cloud users can, therefore, seize the opportunity to accelerate their full potential of the software as a service (SaaS) to meet the technological challenges as well as provide innovative solutions to the business which drives significant business value across the industry.

Cloud, Strategy Assessment & Roadmap

Cloud has transformed businesses in unimaginable ways within a short period of time. Cloud is an essential tool binding our organizations through technology. Cloud is a connector and a catalyst to innovation and growth and we will, therefore, see internet connected to everything as cognitive computing, service models, biometrics and more. Technology strategy forms one of the business strategy and EMITAC believes that organizations should realize the power of cloud computing. Cloud is an enabler of larger enterprise strategies. Services once rendered impossible are offered to differentiate and innovate which can change the playing field entirely rather than just improving a business competitive position. EMITAC strategy offers specific services to offer the first steps of transformation. We, therefore, deliver through Business Value Strategy; Multi-speed Operating Model Strategy; DevOps Strategy; Service Strategy; Application Strategy; and Digital Resilience Strategy.

Cloud Security

EMITAC offers a wide range of cloud security services including Security strategy and risk services; Identity and access management; Application and infrastructure security; and Data protection and active defense. We work hand in hand with our clients to identify, define and implement security protocols that ensures that client and end user data is protected. We can easily address complex cloud security concerns so that your organization's cloud security is at level with industry and regulatory standards.