Digitization, Document and correspondence Management

Despite all the talk about the ‘paperless office’, companies and government organizations continue to generate and receive large volumes of paper documents that need to be captured, processed, managed and retrieved.

At the same time, customer demands have forced organizations to interact with them through Web, e-mail, mobile devices and other channels. Organizations continue to look for ways to lower their processing costs and improve their business performance, not to mention governance, fraud prevention and compliance. In addition to paper reduction, print efficiency and productivity have been a challenge despite the rapid growth of digitization. With green initiatives, this has become the need of the day.

We provide scalable and cost effective document and correspondence management solutions to enable organizations to manage and optimize their front-end and back-end business processes by partnering with world’s leading technology vendors to deliver the customer experience that truly matters.

We help organizations to eliminate repetitive manual tasks associated with routine business processes freeing up staff for higher value activities. We help you automate business processes, simplify tasks, define processes, eliminate bottlenecks, enable collaboration and set up notifications. Our comprehensive portfolio of complete document and correspondence management solutions also includes hardware to create a digital office where information on paper comes to life.

We provide scalable, interactive, dynamic and cost-effective end to end document and correspondence management solutions enabling electronic conversion, print management, and management of content along with user management, security, collaboration and embedded work flows under one umbrella along with management reports. For effective print management, we provide a single point of contact and enable business to outsource their print services entirely reducing Total Cost of Ownership significantly.

Our Enterprise Document and Correspondence Management solutions cover

  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Document Archival and Electronic Record Management
  • Image capture and OCR solutions
  • Paperless consultancy

As partners, we understand and address your organization’s unique transformation imperative. Our collective insight and best practices guarantee real business results ensuring a level of certainty that no other firm can match. We build strong relationships with our clients, helping you make informed business decisions, minimize risks and efficiently identify and implement solutions that will meet your strategic objectives.

We follow approved international industry standards e.g. 15489 and local regulations covering National archive Record Management compliance to help organizations to achieve paperless environment.