Layered Security Architecture

Emitac Enterprise solutions have developed a complete Layered Security Architecture that addresses risks and vulnerabilities at each access point keeping your data safe and secure.

Our enterprise security experts can help you create an end to end security strategy with technologies customized to help you meet your business security requirements.

While we offer integrated solutions in this area, depending on the business case, situation and budget, we also provide customized solutions for each component of the comprehensive security strategy and evaluate them for its performance and compatibility with other, non-integrated components on the whole.

Some of the work we undertake in Layered Security Architecture are

  • Next Generation Firewall
  • Application layer security
  • Database & File Security
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Database, file, disk encryption
  • Multi-factor authentication & remote access
  • DLP (frame work & Tool) solution and services
  • WAN encryption and WAN optimization solutions
  • Network access control and mobile security
  • SIEM solutions and log management solutions
  • Email, web and content security solutions