End User IT Analytics

Emitac provides desktop activity monitoring solution that has a unique capacity to map, register and analyze in real time (no scheduled scans) and in a permanent way all connections and execution from desktop to backend infrastructure components.

The solution monitors in real time the behavior of all applications / all users / all desktops over your enterprise network. It notifies and corrects issue before it impacts in a big way.

In addition, the solution powers malware detection using 40 different antivirus databases and runs behavioral analysis on all applications from all endpoints thus improving security and compliance.

The solution helps IT departments to connect, communicate & collaborate to achieve and improve endpoint security, ITSM operations and support workplace transformation projects. It also gives project managers the information they need to avoid costly assumptions and mistakes and to identify and resolve issues early to keep their IT projects on track.

With End-user IT analytics, you can

  • Measure user experience and deliver
  • First class IT services
  • Find threats at the speed of data
  • Reduce complexity and save costs with real time data
  • Optimize assets and costs
  • Explore live and historical data
  • Operational agility