IT End-to-End Infrastructure Management

As your infrastructure grow and diversify - Multiple tools. Multiple devices. Multiple locations - you need a centralized and cost-effective operations bridge solution to accommodate increasing IT infrastructure requirements. Where you can easily Integrate IT Metrics and Business Value.

Today’s rapidly changing environments’ require both simplified as well as dynamic monitoring solutions, tailored to server infrastructure as well as composite applications. Our solutions on latest technologies help you to detect new instances, monitor and deploy automatically. Additionally, irrespective of the place your operation staff is in, they can easily access information and also take.

Automatically identifying, prioritizing, analyzing, and remediating IT incidents significantly reduces the amount of time your IT organization needs to spend on monitoring and managing the IT infrastructure. With the capabilities of Operations Bridge Solution, your team can avoid having to spend minutes or hours of wasted time in war rooms discussing, debating, and blaming before an action plan is established.

Emitac uses operations bridge tools to provide the ability to sense, analyze and adapt to manage IT services. With advanced event correlation, log intelligence, predictive analytics and automation you can remediate issues across all your technologies to prioritize business targets.

Emitac not only has the skill-sets and needed certifications but also the experience and exposure in helping large enterprises to implement IT operations management solution. The solution covers the entire gamut from network monitoring and management to server, application, end-user, real-user, environment, and business service monitoring in addition to diagnostics.

Therefore, you need to leverage a unique business value dashboard to integrate IT and business metrics and value to help you align IT operations with the business, aid decision-making and improve business outcomes.

Some of our operations solutions offerings in this area include

  • Security Management
  • IT Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Network Operations
  • Desktop and client Management
  • Software Management