Customer Awards

Ministry of Labour

Feb 01, 2012

Ministry of Labour honours Emitac Enterprise Solutions for their service excellence and support

In a ceremony held to appreciate the support given by partners and vendors, Ministry of Labour expressed their deep gratitude and appreciation to Emitac Enterprise Solutions (EES) by honouring them for their exceptional execution, long term partnership, implementation and support.

Receiving an Award memento and certificate of appreciation in a formally held function was not only a matter of pride for EES, but also reinforced the service excellence EES provides, to its customer. The certificate further expressed that Ministry of Labour considers EES as one of their major associates/ partners who has always advised and helped them reach high level of governance, efficiency and quality.

EES shares a special continuing relationship with MOL and has helped MOL overcome many major challenges by advising, implementing and deploying various solutions including Document Management Solution, Customer Visit Management System, Disaster Recovery Solution based on EMC Storage, Network Monitoring apart from providing Desktops, Printers and Mobile Computers.

Commenting on the Award, Miguel Angel Villalonga, CEO, Emitac Enterprise Solutions said “Awards like these from our customers mean a lot to us. This indeed is a great honour not just for me but for the entire Emitac Enterprise Solutions. Our focus and emphasis has always been to exceed customer expectations and pursue excellence as manifested by the solutions and service excellence we have been providing our customers over the years. The recognition certainly serves as an inspiration for us to move forward with the same vigour and strengthen our position as a leader in the SI space.”

About Emitac Enterprise Solutions

Emitac Enterprise Solutions (EES) has evolved and grown since 1976. EES provides quality driven enterprise applications, enterprise management software, enterprise servers, storage, networking and security solutions with capability to design, integrate and implement mission critical services.

Emitac delivers unmatched business value to customers in various verticals, through a combination of process excellence, quality frameworks and flexible delivery models. Emitac’s strategy of coupling local experience with international expertise has helped many customers achieve excellence.

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