Enterprise Monitoring and Security Services

IT Management & Security Services

Emitac offers cutting edge technology solution for IT management and security. We have the experience in consulting and executing IT operations management, IT service management, IT asset management, Application development management and Security solutions to organizations across different verticals in UAE. Our ability to work with customers on CAPEX, OPEX and managed service models provide the flexible options to customer. Our team of partners includes ISO consultants, Functional consultants and solutions architects

We consult, build, optimize and manage IT Operations in line with business requirement by providing solutions and integration services. The customized offering fits well within green field as well as mature customer environment by leveraging existing infrastructure. Our Consulting & Design approach aligns with Customers business objectives and Goals with process and Technology Optimization. We not only Integrate & Support to implement the change but also manage to validate the end Results for the Organization.

IT Operations Management

Hybrid IT has become the new normal. IT operations teams are expected to offer both cloud and on-premises infrastructure options, whichever best meets the needs of the application or service. IT operations teams are forced to adapt new technologies, seamlessly adopt new cloud vendors and other services chosen by the business and monitor new applications and application releases with increasing frequency and seamlessly handling updates to existing application workloads. Addition to that, IT operations needs to be able be a partner to the business, speak their language, and show their value to the business.

Under ITOM solution we provide consulting and implementation services for IT infra monitoring and management, ITSM, ITAM, Data backup, cloud management, Application delivery management, DevOps solution to optimize the IT so that it can better serve the business.


Threats are becoming more complex, multifaceted and easy to miss if you are only looking from only one view to theinvestigate the loopholes. It takes collaboration from various security technologies, and great use of the data coming from external and internal sources to understand the big picture of which threats are truly a problem for an organization. It takes collaboration, context, system intelligence and visualization to really solve modern security problems. Security has always been the top priority for the business. It could be your critical business data, application or perimeter of your organization, Emitac has comprehensive security solution to protect your digital enterprise. Our solution consists of security consulting (ISO, NESA, GDPR, HIPAA, ADSIC etc), perimeter security, data encryption, application security, SIEM, SOAR solution and managed security solutions.