HYBRID IT Service Offerrings:

Software Defined DataCentre

A software designed data center allows you to gain control of all aspect of your operations, improve productivity and drive profits. Hybrid IT and a specially designed software data center is simple and will simplify your operations, reduce your need for staff while increasing the speed of business. Works with all vendors, specialist in Huawei, Aruba, Arista, VM Ware and more.

Software Defined Campus

Hybrid IT automates your work, increases the speed of your work, streamlines your operations and allows you to do business mapping and networking. A software-defined campus means you can manage all aspects of your business as a single entity, working quickly, efficiently and professionally, while saving money. Specialist in Aurba and Huawei.

Digitalizing Spaces: People and Things

Everything is digitalized these days and if it isn’t, it needs to be. Hybrid IT has made it easier than ever before to digitalize all aspects of your work, allowing you to save up time, money and operating costs. Simplify your operations by using Hybrid IT and keep up with all aspects of IT. All vendors, in particular, Huawei, Aruba, and AisleLabs.

Network Admission Control

Only you will have access to your Hybrid IT private cloud storage and your own specially designed apps. You get to choose who can enter or not. Your work is safe and secure, safe from hacking, safe from security breaches and always private. You also have 100% device visibility. Compatible with Aruba and Forescout but talk to us about all vendors.

Digitalization of Workspace

By using Hybrid IT you are digitalizing as many aspects of your operations as possible. You are therefore cutting costs drastically, increasing your profit and ROI. With high-tech IT and a digitalized workspace, your business and client base will grow exponentially. Your infrastructure can be digitalized while still being personalized, in particular with Huawei and Aruba.

Endpoint Detection and Response

A highly advanced software package means you can see, quickly and efficiently, what your end results should be. If there are any glitches in accounting, they come to the fore before they happen. Transparency is key and with Hybrid IT you get real-time analysis of your business, and real-time news and analysis. Symantec and McAfee and Sentinal One compatible.

Software Defined WAN

You can increase your client base and the size of your business by using Hybrid IT software-defined WAN. A WAN, wider area network, can connect you to smaller networks, new networks, and area networks, allowing you not just to work efficiently, but to work quickly, and in a cost productive manner too. Huawei and Aruba compatible.

Global Site / Server Load Balancing

With Hybrid IT is simple to balance the load of work, manage all your traffic, save work safely to your private cloud and maintain speed and efficiency. You can turn work around quickly, build your client base and cut costs with the software technology specially designed for you. Kemp, Baracuda, Citrix, and F5 compatible.

Adaptive Network Security Framework

Security comes first and foremost in any business, irrespective of the size. Private cloud storage ensures the safety and privacy of your work, without compromising on efficiency. You have protection from any security threats and the network ensures visibility for you, the user, at all times. You do not have to use conventional security packages. Fortinet, Symantec, Sophos and PaloAlto network compatible.

User Behavioural Analysis

Hybrid IT is advanced. The software is the best. Your Hybrid IT package analyses your business and business practices, will identify any weak points, notify you of any changes or unusual behavior, and help your business grow quickly and efficiently. Users can be tracked and productivity can be analyzed. Safety and security are key. We can work with all your vendors.