News : Sep 19, 2016

IT infrastructure overhaul strengthens Al Faraa for their future growth

Al Faraa General Contracting LLC (AFGCO), founded in 1980 by the respected Adel Saleh Mohammad, is a major player in the construction sector, employing more than 18,000 people in the Middle East and Gulf, needed to support business growth with highly available, scalable and cost effective storage and compute solutions.

The infrastructure @ Al Faraa was purchased way back in 2009 and old. They used four racks in Etisalat datacenter for hosting their physical infrastructure. Server and storage infrastructure was required to support growth and the changing new business requirement. Each server hosted an application and backup consumed a lot of time – more than 24 hours. Additionally, they also wanted to control and minimize spam mails.

Al Faraa was therefore looking for a fresh solution with a new scalable hardware architecture that would cater to their needs for the next 5 years, reduce hosting and hardware foot print costs and control spams

Emitac proposed a virtualization solution on MS platform using Hyper V. Considering the scalability requirement of the customer, the hardware was sized for virtual environment by proposing the HP Blade Infrastructure with HP C7000 Blade Enclosure with Flex Fabric and HP 3PAR SAN storage with an aim to eliminate Storage Area Network (SAN) fabric, simplify SAN management, lower network latency, and reduce power consumption by directly connecting the HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric modules with HP 3PAR StoreServ system. The data on the servers, multiple storage devices etc. were consolidated., Barracuda Antispam was installed to control and eliminate spams and introduced a Kemp load balancer to improve the performance of the running applications like SharePoint and Exchange.

The proposal of the intelligent Flat SAN solution has simplified things for Al Faraa, the Proposed solution increases storage capacity by 40%, reduces rack space requirements by 50%, and reduces complexity and latency with HP Flat SAN direct connectivity technology. High speed uplink is achieved with HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric module which dynamically change the apportionment of bandwidth. Today less cables run between the chassis and the core switching environment reducing complexity of system management. In short, the solution has resulted in considerable savings on switching, storage, power, cabling, Space, simplified configuration and support.

The One View Management Software Proposed by Emitac has an engine built with software intelligence and simplifies Management, infrastructure automation. It streamlines provisioning and lifecycle management across computing, storage and fabric networking and enables IT staff to control resources programmatically through a unified API. Software-based approach to lifecycle management in OpenView automates operations to reduce cost and time to deliver IT services, and this helps accelerate IT operations for managing Servers, storage, and network resources . It also provides software-defined resources including templates, profiles, and groups that provide an innovative way to manage the entire data center. with Oneview , Infrastructure Rack servers , Blade Servers , Storage, and Blade networking can be managed with one single glass plane and this integrates with System Center through API

“We are thankful to Emitac for proposing a solution like this one. It has truly helped us manage our costs. This project is a great example of a technology investment that pays real dividends. It has enabled IT to support the business by maximizing performance and efficiency” says Mohammed Imaduddin, CIO, Al Faraa

The project was critical and Team Emitac left no stone unturned to ensure success. Right from their assessment and recommendation of the solution to their professional approach towards the project and implementation, they assured and cemented our confidence that they were indeed the best partners for implementing such critical projects” he adds.”