Our Services Portfolio

EES Support Services Offerings

We offer a wide range of backup, virtualization, Networking, Security Services, Computing, MDM, User Analytics services in collaboration with our partners.

Implementation Services

Our teams are experts in the implementation of Infrastructure projects

Upgrade Services

We offer professional and cost effective upgrade services of Windows, SCCM, SCOM and Backup tools.

Private Cloud Services Offering

Streamline your operations and automate all aspects of your business with our private cloud services. Minimize risks, ensure high efficiency and lower costs.

Hosted Data Centre

We facilitate hosting in a secure space with 24x7 monitoring of the physical environment with a caged area and cold containment accompanied by Tier 3 compliant environment to ensure reliable service.


Monitor availability and performance of your IT systems so that clients can proactively take actions to maintain high uptimes.

End User Analytics

A monitoring solution that has a unique capacity to map, register and analyze in real time in a permanent way all connections and execution from desktop to backend infrastructure components.

Network Assessment Building and Testing

Using the latest in diagnostic equipment, we examine a client’s network and pinpoint bottlenecks or potential bandwidth issues, and summarize their overall network performance in a Network Health Assessment report. We design a customized solution applying technologies such as virtualization and unified communications while integrating your existing system wherever possible to deliver services that are both secure and affordable.


  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) - Manage the mobile device lifecycle, data containerization for mobile devices, user behavior analytics.
  • Insight into Endpoint - Monitoring of endpoint compliance, software utilization
  • Mobile Application Management - Control the utilization of mobile application, block camera, other app during work hours etc.
  • Seamless Wi-Fi Connectivity - network access solution to provide seamless Wi-Fi connectivity across premises. Provides AD or token-based authentication.
  • Endpoint Analytics -Monitor and analyse end user behavior. Monitor end point issues in real time to make your IT support proactive, know the issues before your consumer complains about it.
  • VDI/HDI-Desktop virtualization solution to centralize the management and security of Desktop infra.
  • User Simulation and Load Testing-test your application before putting them in production to test the load bearing capability and exposing possible application breaking point before going live.
  • Mobile Application Testing -Testing of mobile application behavior in different operation environment as android, iOS. Monitoring the performance of mobile app for data consumption, battery consumption, UI performance etc.