PIMAC – Property & Investment Management System (PIMS)

Successful real estate investors, owners and fund managers understand that fast, accurate access to information, automation and enhanced decision-making capabilities are now more important than ever.

One Solution Does it All! PIMAC, our Property & Investment Management System (PIMS) is an integrated, fully automated system that is designed to streamline the end to end processes of real estate from concept to construction and management which help optimize your investment, enhance profitability and drive investor value. With 24/7 access from anywhere, this web-based software package offers a completely integrated solution for every aspect of your property management from business.

The modular software solution PIMAC manages real estate, assets and building facilities more efficiently and cost-effectively with outstanding access to up-to-date information and analysis capabilities. In addition, the integrated system is designed to streamline the management of the entire real estate investment lifecycle. Apart from the general features like Notifications, Reports, Payment Integration, Master Setups, User Management and Groups & Permissions, the solution also includes some very important and useful features that makes it the most enviable solution

  • Property Management
  • Auction Management
  • Lease Contract Management
  • Payment Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Investment Management

In addition to it, the system is a combination of both Property Management and Investment Management that could be offered on cloud or otherwise, based on the need of the customer making the offering more affordable.

With 24/7 access from anywhere, this web-based software package offers a completely integrated solution for every aspect of your property management from business

Property Management: This module helps receive new property, search/edit units, facility Management and property inquiries. This management enables both large and small investors and administrators to deliver entity-level accounting and generate statutory reporting direct from the system as and when required. As the system is fully automated, one can easily handle complexities associated with numerous entities and multiple levels between funds and assets to deliver greater efficiency.

Auction Management: This powerful auction management module helps in preparing the auction and manage it all through to execution, ensuring smooth running of your auction business.
The auction tools simplify the business of selling from product creation to post sale management. From Auction management to User management, Data export and reporting and Category management and lot tagging, the module has everything that you would want making the offering a holistic one. Yet another great feature of this module is its ability to streamline post sale processes. Invoices and payment notifications that can all be generated automatically.

Lease Contract Management: The module provides you with a comprehensive overview of contractual relationships with desired organizations to efficiently manage the associated commitments. From new lease contract to renewal, transfer, changing tenant’s name to modify lease contract, NOL and clearance letters and evacuation procedures, you will find everything in our lease contract management module.
Our easy-to-use contract administration, allows users to house their leases, permits, deeds, licenses, and all of the contracts that control their critical operating assets in a secure environment. It gives you the tools you need to adhere to and enforce agreements, meet stipulations, keep up with expiration, renewal, and option dates, and more. It assists organizations in minimizing the risk of non-compliance, and avoiding late fees too.

Payment Management: The module helps in Replacing Cheques, Return Cheques, fees Configuration and financial Configuration.

Maintenance Management: Maintenance management module manages all processes in the maintenance cycle. Combining efficient maintenance processes with improved stock management drives down costs and improves both reliability and customer service. From maintenance requests to service contract tendering to creating service contracts, the module has everything in it.

Investment Management: This module takes care of everything from Tendering Procedures, to property development contracts, property design plan approvals, project follow-up (Handover location, Follow-up, Initial/Final Acceptance), BOT contract, Istisna’a contract, tender clarifications, tender extend apps., initial/feasibility Study and evaluation of properties.


  • Ensure accurate, real time visibility of your important property, leasing and financial data
  • Take complete control over all your real estate accounting processes and financial reporting requirements
  • Increase the lifecycle of all building systems and assets
  • Optimize portfolio and fund performance with advanced modelling, forecasting and analysis
  • Streamline budget planning with future income/expense analysis and comparison