Consulting Services

Leverage our experts to accelerate your Business Ambitions.

Emerging technology trends, evolving business needs and new IT sourcing options make it increasingly challenging to keep your IT environment optimised, while delivering new services to the business faster. Today's IT teams are under pressure to support current business operations while also charting a sensible path to be more agile, more efficient, more secure and more mobile. Selecting the right service provider that can partner with you to plan and build innovative solutions and optimise your IT environment has never been so important.

Emitac has Consulting Services to guide your journey and to help you make the shift to new IT operating and consumption models, in support of your business objectives.

Our Consulting and Professional Service specialists can add value to your business by providing strategy, architecture, implementation and integration services to help plan, build, improve and innovate your IT and business solutions. We provide these services across a range of technologies and delivery models including Oracle ERP, OBIEE, SAP Hana, Mobility, Cloud, IT outsourcing, Network, Communications​, Data centre, End-user Computing and Security.

We work with you to shape your business needs into IT strategy and architectural plans. Our professional services experts can then design, deploy, and project manage your implementation and train your users to run the same or we can manage the same under our Managed Services portfolio. We bring systematic approach using time-tested assessments, methodologies, frameworks, and best practices to drive consistency and quality throughout the project engagement.

Strategy Consulting

Emitac’s Strategy Consulting services help you identify and plan business relevant and innovative IT services using optimal delivery models that meet business requirement and drive business outcomes. We can help you leverage emerging technologies – Mobility, Cloud and IT-as-a-service – while maximizing the value of your existing mixed-technology environment. We work with you to develop strategies that are founded on our practical implementation experience as one of the largest IT infrastructure system integrators in UAE.

Architecture Consulting and Integration Services

Our Architecture consulting and Integration services focus on developing the roadmaps and solution designs for integrating new technologies and implement, integrate the same into your current IT environment in line with your broader ICT strategy. We have extensive architecture competencies and offerings from Oracle ERP, OBIEE, SAP Hana, Mobility, Cloud, IT outsourcing, Network, Communications​, Data centre, End-user Computing and Security ​.

Project Management

Leveraging on our eProM – Emitac Project Management and Methodology, our Project Management professionals work with your stakeholders to ensure that your expectations are met on time and within budget. The project managers use Adaptive Project Framework (APF) and Agile Project Framework (AgPF) as tools to begin with Requirements Breakdown Structure and to define strategic project goals based on product requirements, functions, sub-functions, and features.

Our Competencies

  • Computing Infrastructure

    A company’s Infrastructure is its backbone. Clients who understand this turn to our Enterprise Infrastructure division for unmatched availability, security, and accessibility.

  • Advanced Software Technologies

    Emitac helps businesses make the most of the world’s most widely used and trusted technology platform – Microsoft. As a System Integrator, leader and Microsoft’s strategic partner, be it on a desktop, server, mobile or infrastructure level.

  • Managed & Cloud Services

    Today, IT is under more pressure than ever to align with the business and reach strategic goals. Smart companies know sourcing is the most efficient way to get the best IT System integration solution & services possible that meet business requirements while reducing infrastructure costs and freeing up valuable IT resources.

  • Innovative Business Solutions

    Technology today is the fulcrum of business. Enterprise Business Solutions helps clients grow technologically through a range of consulting, application, database, content and business process management solutions that increase productivity and maximize value.