Shared Services

Your business, Our investment. Leverage IT.

Your IT staff should focus on critical business issues rather than day-to-day operations. Efficient IT infrastructure management is about predictive and pre-emptive management, rather than problem-finding or troubleshooting after an event. Emitac’s Shared Services oversees a wide range of technology at varying service levels, resulting in improved and more consistent service quality and stability, reduced cost, and the ability to respond quickly to changes.

Our Shared Services use sophisticated tools for Network, Server, Storage and Database management, reporting, and notifications enabling you to achieve your business goals through strategic operations.

Thus, our Shared Services becomes a powerful business tool for managing your environment, while protecting your brand and reputation. We provide your company a seamless experience of owning a NoC – without actually having to invest into one yourself.

Under Shared Services we offer, Network Operations Center (NoC) to monitor your IT and alert you on events affecting your business and in Service Desk we integrate to become part of your business and answer calls from your end-users which is affecting their day to day functioning. These services can later be upgraded to become Managed Services.

NoC Services

Through the NoC services under Shared Service, we proactively manage and monitor your server, storage, database, application and network without a liner increase in labor and infrastructure costs. We offer:

  • 24x7x365 hassle-free monitoring to help you save more than 30% on setup and maintenance
  • Reduce risks, security issues and downtime with efficient escalation processes
  • Immediate IT issue management
  • Outage analysis and trend reporting which can enable predictive analysis to minimize network disruptions and their associated costs
  • Communication management
  • Vendor escalation

All server and service monitoring is carried out through our state-of-the-art NoC located locally in Dubai staffed with technically certified professionals. Our Shared Services is designed to work as an extension of your IT infrastructure. You can leverage on our tools or we can work with your current tools to ensure that your services are not interrupted.

Shared Service Desk

In the Shared Service Desk, you can use us to be the first point of contact for your employees and/or customers to handle all IT technical issues, resolve problems, and escalate those things that can’t be resolved at the Service Desk. You can have a toll-free number, a web portal, one or more email addresses, or CHAT to have your employees or customers reach the help desk. We guarantee service levels because we get financially penalized if we don’t meet your Service Levels each month. Our predictable, repeatable processes not only bring stability to your environment, but when coupled with guaranteed service levels they lead to distinct improvement in your customer satisfaction levels.

Our Shared Services provides 24x7x365 unmatched technical support and expertise. By handling more than 70% of routine tickets, our NoC and Service Desk services in Shared Services shares the labor-intensive responsibility of your business to save costs, allowing you to focus on projects that have more business value.

Through the Shared Services model, we take complete care of all your IT and NOC related issues. Moreover, you can avail both the IT Service Desk and NoC services through a customizable services portfolio where you can choose the kind of support services that are best suited as per your business and IT environment needs.

Our Competencies

  • Computing Infrastructure

    A company’s Infrastructure is its backbone. Clients who understand this turn to our Enterprise Infrastructure division for unmatched availability, security, and accessibility.

  • Advanced Software Technologies

    Emitac helps businesses make the most of the world’s most widely used and trusted technology platform – Microsoft. As a System Integrator, leader and Microsoft’s strategic partner, be it on a desktop, server, mobile or infrastructure level.

  • Managed & Cloud Services

    Today, IT is under more pressure than ever to align with the business and reach strategic goals. Smart companies know sourcing is the most efficient way to get the best IT System integration solution & services possible that meet business requirements while reducing infrastructure costs and freeing up valuable IT resources.

  • Innovative Business Solutions

    Technology today is the fulcrum of business. Enterprise Business Solutions helps clients grow technologically through a range of consulting, application, database, content and business process management solutions that increase productivity and maximize value.