Syngrafii Signature Solution

Syngrafii provides the only overarching signature solution that protects your INVESTMENT and FLEXIBILITY to meet both your growing signature application needs as well as meeting increasing GOVERNANCE & COMPLIANCE requirements. Other companies only address a portion of the solutions that you may need over time.

  • Some offer only lower level compliance. These can be:
    A Tick Box E-Squiggles Scanned Images Typed Names
    John Smith
  • Some provide only Digital Signatures with a signing key. These systems usually require a signer to have specialized hardware which can be inconvenient and difficult to use.

Remote Signature Solutions

Signature Gold Standard

  • Syngrafii provides one overarching signature solution that provides the signature approach you want as your signature needs change over time.
  • Providing the Gold Standard for eSignatures, Syngrafii eliminates the need for you to reinvest in alternate signature technology as your requirements change.

Original Signatures In a Digital Format

One Vendor – One Platform

Signature Gold Standard

Syngrafii LongPen™

Sign physical paper documents with a Wet Ink signature

  • The LongPen is a patented device with an HTML5 web based signing solution
  • The LongPen has a pen that applies the remote ink signature
  • Original Wet Ink signatures ensure legal, regulatory & internal compliance adherence
  • Each signature is a unique, biometrically accurate one-time use signature
  • The document operator manages paper based documents on behalf of the remote signer
  • The document camera captures live images of the document so that the remote signer can see the document on their signing device
  • All transaction metadata including before and after snapshots of the signed paper document is captured in the MasterFile audit trail
  • Add recorded video sessions of a transaction to the MasterFile

Syngrafii Paper – sPaper™

Sign electronic documents with different workflow and signature options

  • Patented HTML5 web based signing solution
  • Secures an original one-time use signature. Each signature in a document is unique.
  • Use any device – supports remote signings on smartphones, desktop computers and tablets
  • Enables co-sharing and signing of documents in a live session environment
  • Easily add an image of identification to a document
  • Document sender controls the document flow and types of signatures allowed in a document
  • No document pre-processing required – keep your current approved workflows
  • Extensive API for integration into existing document management systems


Sample MasterFile Audit Trail showing:

  • A document with one signer
  • Where the document was signed and at what date and time
  • How the signer accessed the document and how often
  • All the notifications sent to the signer including the initial email and any text messages to their mobile device
  • Added signatures and images of identification
  • A detailed signing log showing every single action taken on the document including how long the signer spent on each page and any text that was entered

Syngrafii Transaction Compliance Server™ – TCS

Cloud hosted or on premise server application

  • Cloud hosted on premise server component for workflow creation and MasterFile™ audit trail.
  • Repository of all signing sessions
    • Create and manage signing workflows
    • Maintains a document history of all signed documents
    • View and track progress of document signings
    • Issue reminders to signers that have not signed
  • Access to the MasterFile Audit Trail for tracking and non repudiation purposes
    • Date and time stamps of when a document was signed
    • IP Address, device used and geo location information of each signer
    • Document access history and detailed notification history of all the messages sent from the system to the signers (including read receipts)
    • Detailed signing log of each signer including how long the signer spent on each page and signatures and identification images added

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