Staff Augmentation

EMITAC offers a comprehensive Staff Augmentation service, from concept planning to full implementation providing you with greater flexibility, adaptability and focus while making sure that it meets your project requirements and deliverables.

We take over operational control based on your requirements and continuously monitor processes and progress against agreed upon benchmarks. EES takes on responsibility for any risk while the client retains full control over business strategy and associated outcomes. We provide entire IT and support roles on a contractual basis. As a 43 year old IT solutions provider, we have processes, deep understanding of IT and consistent engagement in new age transformational businesses to provide skilled resources in several niche areas including blockchain, DevOps, security and governance and project management

Advantages of Staff Augmentation & Rebadging with EMITAC:

    There are many benefits of working with EES to manage your IT infrastructure or application based services.

  • All our staff are hand-picked and validated by EMITAC. Our team consists of professionals that will match all your project requirements including bilingual change managers and bilingual business managers etc. who are experts in their field and proven in their ability to deliver the outcomes of the outsourcing contract. Our expert engagement managers will your single point of contact thereby ensuring smooth workflow.
  • EMITAC was final shortlisted for the Best Employee Engagement strategy 2018 by HR Summit Expo.
  • EMITAC as one of the oldest SI in the region adhere and follow the best practices in HR and hiring according to UAE labor laws. EES is a 100% local entity with a long standing reputation of excellence and a strong base in the UAE. EES is part of the prestigious Al Bukhatir Group of Companies, synonymous with stability, strength quality and trust.
  • Our outsourcing service is human focused rather than number based. We employ an inclusive employee induction system which ensures that all resources feel that they are part of the EMITAC team. We provide our outsourced staff with a fully equipped townhouse to manage the outsourced project.
  • EMITAC have a strong financial backbone where employees will feel a high level of comfort and stability with regards to their salary and benefits.
  • EMITAC have a state of art onboarding program varied engagement activities such as townhalls, personalized HR interaction.
  • EMITAC offers a career development and mobility plans for employees within their prestigious clientele base.
  • EMITAC has a completely functional Outsourcing & Rebadging Services practice wherein we can comply with the re-badging process along with complying with UAE Labor regulations law.